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Preparing for the rose show-Checklist

One Month before the show:
Look for show worthy roses in your garden.If entering a single bloom on a stem (terminal bud), it must be disbudded – remove all side buds that form between the stem and the axil of the leaf.
Stake the cane using a bamboo stick and some twist ties. Be sure to keep the tip of the stake just under the bloom.
If entering a floribunda spray, remove the centre (largest) bud at the point of emergence from the stem. This allows the side buds to develop and fill in the hole where that first bloom would have been if allowed to develop.

Prepare a “grooming kit” – use the day of the show:
soft Clean Cloths (hotel shoe shine cloths for example)
a package of Q-tipsTweezers
Small sharp scissors
Small Camel-hair brush
Several Sheets of aluminum foil and/or plastic wrap
Entry Tags & elastic bands
The Ontario Judging &  Exhibiting Standards for Hotriculture and Floral Design BOOK

One Week Before the Show:
Protect your chosen show-worthy flowers that are starting to open, from night dew.
In the evening, cover with a plastic baggy and twist tie gently below the stem.
Remove before the shun shines on the bloom.

2-3 Days Before the Show:
Timing varies depending on the variety of the rose, the number of petals, the temperature and general weather conditions and your ability to store the cut roses.

Roses should be cut 1/4 to 1/3 open which allows them time to open more on the morning of the show.
Cut them early in the morning or late in the evening.
Cut the stem a little longer than the 7:1 ratio (the stem should be 7 times longer than the height of the bloom) to allow for recutting later.
Cut the stem on an angle with sharp, clean pruners and immediately take it to your preparation area.



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