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The Lambeth Horticultural Society is one of three Horticultural Societies in London. The Society’s volunteers plant and maintain flower beds and boxes in the Community as well as the green house at Ashwood Manor, the local retirement home. The Society contributes money to the Rotary Christmas Tree lights on Main Street and the maintenance of the local, historical cemetery.
All projects are self-funded, and money is raised through an annual plant sale and bus trips to many exciting places.
Each year student awards are awarded to schools in London that have a Horticultural program, such as Fanshawe College, and B. Davidson S.S.
Guest speakers who are experts or specialists in the Field of Horticulture, speak at the monthly meetings.
Workshops are held in pruning, flower designs and other member requested topics.

The Lambeth Ladies Garden Club from 1954-55 was the founding organization that became the Lambeth Horticultural Society in 1975. The first meeting was held on September 15, 1975 (attendance was 46).
The Lambeth Horticultural Society Floral Emblem: Shasta Daisy

The  Societies first Annual Rose and Garden Show was held in June 1976 and the theme was “ Beauty in Bloom”.

Past Presidents:
1975-77    Thelma Griffin
1978-79    Caroline Murray
1980-82    Doris Astbury
1983-84    Denise Jennerich
1985-86    Mary Tuckey
1987-88    Shirley Colfax
1989-91    Marian Weldon
1992-93    Helen Hann
1994-96    Rick MacKinnon & Jennifer Grant
1997-98    Jennifer Grant
1999-2005 Cheryl Burr
2005-06   Audrey Wilson
2007-09   Dale Cormier
2010-17    Jo-Anne Smith
2018 –       Helen Peternel